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There are three parameters that every customer would like to optimize when making a decision on selecting reliable source of cutting blades for industrial and medical use: High quality, low prices and short lead times. With its high-end technology CNC, Wire EDM and laser cut shops combined with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing all types of custom-made and OEM off-the-shelf industrial blades and medical knives, Baucor managed to optimize these three parameters for all customers that once were looking for a source to make their blades. Our passion for premium quality industrial and medical blades has made us one of the most worldwide reliable knife manufacturers. Through optimized processes, Baucor manufactures all types of "off the shelf" and custom industrial and medical blades, custom carbide components within the proven shortest lead time in the market. Our regular lead times are so short compared to other suppliers that some of these suppliers may even charge you extra for this lead time. Our turn around time for custom blades less than 100 pieces even made from M2 HSS or Tungsten Carbide K10 usually don't take us more than 4 weeks while other suppliers usually deliver within 14-16 weeks of lead time.

With its offices in California - USALondon - UK, and Mannheim - Germany, Baucor has carved a niche for itself by manufacturing and supplying a wide range of top quality machine knives and industrial blades meant for a wide variety of industrial applications including food processing, recycling (including plastics, rubber etc.), paper, printing, film, foil cutting; packaging; plastic, tire, rubber; textile applications; meat & poultry processing; brush chipper, leather cutting, metal working, and woodworking.


BAUCOR® has three main offices located in California - USA, London - United Kingdom, and Mannheim - Germany to reach and serve our customers globally. We design, engineer, and produce precision industrial blades, machine knives, custom tools manufactured to exact specifications.


We also supply thousands of in-stock BAUCOR® industrial blades and machine knives from these locations.

Contact our experienced sales engineers in one of our offices conveniently located in California, UK, and Germany to discuss your needs.